Private Ownership, Unique Partnership

In 1995, the exclusive relationship between Princess Yachts America (formerly known as Viking Sport Cruisers) and Princess Yachts International of Plymouth, England was formed in the interest of introducing a new class of luxury performance cruising yachts to the American market. Managed since its inception in 1965 by founder David King, Princess Yachts International has over 50 years of boat building experience while remaining privately owned and answering only to the unyielding commitment to reinvestment in the product and company that stands behind every Princess yacht produced. As the sole distributor for Princess in the United States, Canada, Central America, the Caribbean, and Venezuela, each Princess yacht delivered by Princess Yachts America is the result of a tireless collaborative effort to bring European elegance and craftsmanship together with American support and supervision for the ultimate performance cruising yacht experience.

State-of-the-Art Facilities
Princess yachts are built in over one million square feet of vertically integrated manufacturing facilities in Plymouth, England.
Comprising over 38 acres, each facility is equipped with leading edge technology and machinery. Multiple CNC routers cut wood, composite, and solid surface parts to ensure pinpoint accuracy and minimize waste. Metal parts are cut on a laser router allowing
more components to be made in-house with unparalleled accuracy and quality. Advanced assembly techniques ensure consistent
build quality on each model produced.

Industry Certified and Built to a Higher Standard
Every new Princess yacht produced for Princess Yachts America is built to ABYC Standards and the United States Coast Guard's Office of Boating Safety recommendations. In addition, Princess Yachts America input for design, layout, and engineering begins in the product concept stage to ensure each model is built to our standards for maximum serviceability and ownership comfort in the American market.

One Part at a Time
As many parts as possible are designed and manufactured in-house to ensure the highest standards of quality and consistent parts availability. Whether fiberglass parts and tooling, PVC and metal tankage, 316 stainless steel hardware, or wiring harnesses color coded and labeled for purpose, you can be sure of incomparable quality and serviceability. Unlike other European-built yachts, Princess yachts produced for Princess Yachts America are designed and equipped for American cruising tastes with systems and components whose names you will recognize and are readily serviced wherever you go boating. In addition, interior joinery is designed, built, and finished by experienced craftsmen using exclusive materials to ensure consistent and lasting quality.

A Fresh Approach
Princess boasts an expansive product line including V Class yachts from 40 to 78 feet, S Class yachts from 60 to 78 feet, F Class Flybridge yachts from 43 to 70 feet, Y Class Motor Yachts from 75 to 88 feet, and X Class 95 feet to meet the needs of a variety of customers. In-house design and engineering, along with the latest in tooling manufacturing methods allow several new models to be introduced yearly to assure constant development to take advantage of the newest advances in the industry.

Eye on Quality
Vertical integration ensures as many components as possible are designed and manufactured in-house to the highest standards. Supplied components, many of which are shipped from the United States for installation, are chosen based on reliability and serviceability. Every yacht built is subject to a five point plus inspection process by dedicated, detail-oriented personnel. It is our policy that as many eyes as possible see the yacht during build, upon completion, and before delivery to the new owner. In addition, every Princess yacht undergoes rigorous testing in the English Channel, with Princess Yachts America performing additional sea trials upon the yacht's arrival in the United States. In our constant search for improvement, feedback is welcomed and integrated into building a better, safer, more reliable yachting experience for our customers.

People Behind the Product
Behind every Princess yacht produced for Princess Yachts America stands a team of experienced factory and factory-trained dealer service personnel with an intimate knowledge of on-board systems. The established, long-standing vendor relationships we have forged aid in obtaining efficient service and parts for our customers and support for our dealers. Our unique two-fold dealer and factory customer orientations ensure that each new owner is equipped with as much training and knowledge as possible before heading to sea. If problems should arise, a 24 hour emergency service number ensures help is never out of reach.

Finest Service
The Princess yachts service network provided by Princess Yachts America includes over 45 yacht dealer service locations in North America and spans popular Caribbean and Central American cruising destinations, reaching as far south as Venezuela. Each dealer service organization is equipped with knowledgeable staff trained and supported by our own factory-trained service personnel. In addition, factory owned and operated service centers ideally located in Riviera Beach, Florida and New Gretna, New Jersey are staffed by factory-trained professionals solely for the support and convenience of our owners. Our central warehouse in New Gretna, New Jersey is stocked with over $1.5 million in spare parts inventory, many of which are accesible through our Online Parts Store, to minimize downtime with overnight shipping available on most items.

Value Protection
Stringent construction standards, a rigorous inspection and testing process, and unparalleled service support help Princess yachts produced for Princess Yachts America enjoy preferred risk status with many insurance companies allowing owners to receive the best rates available. In addition, recognized quality, support, and timeless design deliver value during ownership and at the time of resale.

Out Design, Out Build, Out Perform
Both Princess Yachts America and Princess Yachts International are committed to a constant reinvestment in the company and the product we deliver by virtue of the values of the founders of each company. A continuous engineering focus and remarkable product development schedule ensures that the latest technology is integrated into new models across the range. In addition, leading edge build and component manufacturing techniques are employed to improve product consistency, safety, and reliability. The end result of this tireless pursuit is a range of yachts with timeless design where form and function synthesize to maximize both beauty and practicality. Yet, though our product line varies in size and style, every Princess model bears the hallmarks of unmatched performance and efficiency due to advanced hull and running gear design and weight distribution and management proven through years of experience and rigorous testing.

Redefining What it Means to be Number One
Princess Yachts America and the strength of our longstanding partnership stands behind every Princess yacht we deliver, ensuring our recognition as an industry leader comes through our commitment to our customers and the product we build, not the volume we produce. The true measure of our success is in the satisfaction of our customers, not our bottom line.

One Goal
Our goal is to deliver the best combination of performance, quality, and luxury in a class of cruising yachts designed to meet the needs of the American yachtsman from a company recognized for excellence in its commitment to its customers and their ownership experience. We invite you to contact your dealer to experience Princess yachts firsthand.

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